Your Trusted Breakdown Recovery Service Provider

R T Recovery is a professional service provider that ensures emergency Breakdown Recovery service by qualified mechanics if there is vehicle breakdown on road anywhere in London. It accords unparalleled peace of mind and persuades motorists of not having to combat to find help or being stranded on the road. A consistent performance spells quality, safety & peace of mind for our rapidly expanding user base which includes leading corporate and individual customers. If your vehicle has broken down or if your vehicle is not operating on the Public Highway then we are just a few steps away from you.

Delivering customer satisfaction with a firm emphasis on quality

RT Recovery has a mission to maintain its leadership position in the roadside assistance industry by delivering customer satisfaction with a firm emphasis on quality, safety, transparency, business ethics, integrity and quick response time. We continue serving our customers whilst generating a fair return on our investments to sustain delivering on our brand promise. Maintaining a caring, friendly and creative work environment which respects diversity, innovation and hard work carries an equal impetus for us as an organization. As a customer focused company, we are committed to have the largest captive infrastructure to facilitate best and fastest assistance to every general motorist in distress anytime.

Today, RT Recovery is among the top few companies to embed it thoroughly into our strategic roadmap for our overall achievement and growth. This also means that we deal systematically to produce value for the business and benefit consumers, employees and suppliers.

Embracing the best available technology

We have a fleet of service vehicles including Vans, Bikes, Winch Trucks, and Fully Automated Flat Bed Trucks which are strategically positioned at various locations to cover all breakdowns in their respective service zones with ease. These service vehicles are connected to a centralized Recovery service delivery centre with wireless handsets and mobile connectivity facilitating fast service delivery. The vehicles are manned with competent verified technicians round the clock to attend to distressed motorists any where across cities. All service vehicles are equipped with critical and essential spare parts like jump-start cables, towing chain and spare batteries.

We embrace best available technology besides developing technology in house technology which incorporates our learning of on ground service management, service complexity and volumes which play a very important role in helping us support our customers at their time of need for Roadside assistant.